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Rumors of potatoes getting axed started to swirl last summer after a Reddit user, identified as a verified employee, said potatoes were leaving the menu. When purchasing your tortillas for this recipe, make sure theyre the largest size they have to offer. Anything else wont fold properly and is too tiny to hold the right amount of filling.

Taco Bell is bringing back potatoes, giving fans on the internet a reason to rejoice

Sharp cheddar is pretty much our go to shredded cheese in recipes. A fiesta blend, shredded Monterrey jack, or even a slightly spicy pepper jack all would work great. As of November 2022, there are over 7,500 Taco Bell stores in the U.S.meaning, if you’re driving near or far, you’re bound to pass by one of these bad boys. So, the next time you stop by Taco Bell for breakfast, be prepared with what you want to order.

Taco Bell’s New Potatoes

To satisfy your cravings while you wait, spend some time in the kitchen with these Taco Bell copycat recipes. But after the pandemic-related shutdowns in March, Taco Bell found itself having to direct all customer traffic to its off-premise channels, including the drive thru. In order to alleviate the pressure on its operations and help get customers through the drive-thru quickly,it made some menu cuts. Rumors of potatoes getting axed started to swirl last summer after a Reddit user, identified as a verified employee,said potatoes were leaving the menu. Taco Bell soon confirmed the news, leading to a stream of dismay online. In order to alleviate the pressure on its operations and help get customers through the drive-thru quickly, it made some menu cuts.

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Crumble bacon.Fry hashbrowns until browned and crispy.Prepare scrambled eggs, by breaking three large eggs into a bowl and whisking them together with a fork. And lastly, instead of regular rice, you can try subbing in some cauliflower rice for the burrito options and the Grilled Chicken Power Bowl. First and most importantly, I have a fantastic keto tortillas recipe you can use as a low carb replacement for the tortillas and taco shells. They pair incredibly well with this keto taco casserole recipe. To be a hundred percent honest with you, I prefer the steak taco in terms of value.

It is estimated that there are over 4,000 native potato varieties in the world, with the majority of them found in the Andes region. One of these is the adora potato, which is also known as the “God potato.” In addition to yellow golden potatoes with white flesh, an Adora potato is a locally grown potato that is a gourmet treat. This unique potato also has 30% less carbohydrates than a typical russet potato. There are several options for low-carb dishes, but the Adora potato is one of the most appealing. On top of adding the potatoes back to its menu, Taco Bell will be partnering plant-based giant Beyond Meat. The official return of the Beefy Potato-rito is April 15, 2021, so mark your calendars and stake out your nearest Taco Bell location.

The spicy potato soft taco costs only a buck, while the cheesy potatoes for $1.50. Furthermore, by substituting out the meat, you can also incorporate potatoes into any of the menu items at Taco Bell. At participating locations, you can get a spicy potato soft taco for $1 and a cheesy fiesta potato for $1.50. As a result, the chain is beefing up its vegetarian options (ah hum!). Taco Bell is testing plant-based meat for the first time in the United States.

While Taco Bell has always been a go-to spot for vegetarians, even meat-loving fans crave an iconic Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme®, a classic Cheese Quesadilla, or a flavorful Black Bean Chalupa. These items, along with tons of other veggie options, can be found on the Veggie Cravings Menu online and in the app, or by using the Veggie Mode toggle on our in-restaurant kiosks. In addition to Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, diners will also be able to pick up a Spicy Potato Soft Taco.

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